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About QR Gin...

The Gin you deserve!


QRGIN came about thanks to our passion for gin,

for 28 years we served and tried 100's of different gin's together with our friends and clients in our Restaurant (Le Dauphin/Moraira).

We wanted to create a special gin made with ecological products, all from our Mediteranean region of Alicante / Moraira. We choose for 2 different flavours representing day and night.


The first QRGIN is a fresh day Gin made with 12 different Botanics where the Almonds and Kumquats gives it a fruity freshness and ideal to drink on a sunny day or it may remind you of a sunshiny Mediteranean Day.

The second QRGIN is completely different and made with 24 botanicals, a fresh but dry gin where herbs like nutmeg, rosemary and clove gives it a delicate but strong herb taste ideal to drink at night.


The recipes are made with much love, tasting and correcting and of course with the help of our distillery     'De Brouwhoeve' that used their experience and craftsmanship to make our QRGIN´s a Premium.


Both QRGIN´s are double distilled with the best herbs and fruits, all delicately selected and macerated for 48 hours previously.

We recommend serving our QRGIN´s on the rocks to taste the quality of our gin. By adding a soft tonic, using fitted decorations you will get the most refreshing drink you can imagine to enjoy with friends and family. Also try our advisable QRGIN glasses that are very thin and balance perfectly together.


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